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HRM Features:


  1. 100% Responsive with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.7
  2. Cross browser compatible
  3. 100% Object Oriented
  4. Latest Codeigniter framework version 3.1.2
  5. SEO friendly url
  6. Extremely easy to integrate using our Installation Wizard
  7. Login expiration – Control default time before a user is logged out
  8. Reliable and secure MySQL database backend
  9. Validate each field
  10. Admin

  11. Department wise analysis and management system for admin panel.
  12. Admin can manage employee.
  13. Admin can manage employee working time.
  14. Employee attendance management.
  15. Holiday management.
  16. Salary management.
  17. Admin can give notification.
  18. Can give award to employee.
  19. Special events notification system.
  20. Entire database can be downloaded for urgent security reason arises.
  21. Employee

  22. Employee check in & check out time.
  23. Can send mail to other employees and can view/reply likewise.
  24. Can send leave application to admin.
  25. Can view notice or events published by admins.
  26. Award notification can be viewed

Browser compatibility:


Business Directory System will run in on all modern browsers. However you need JavaScript enabled to run the website smooth.


Installation HRM v1.0.0

Please follow all the steps carefully...

  1. Download the Zip file
  2. Upload it to your server in public_html directory
  3. Create a database in Mysql Server
  4. Create a user with all the permission to the database.
  5. Go to your
  6. It will open a gui interface, now give your all require inforamtion.
  7. Now it will be installed with a progress bar.
  8. If success it, then you will see a link of the app.
  9. Or if it fails, it will show you all additional information for make it successful

  10. Install hrm

Note: After setup database setting please rename or delete your install directory.

How To Use

There are two panel in our hrm system, admin and employee, first admin need to log in and setup the panel for employee then employee can use their account.

Admin Panel

  1. For log into admin panel go to:
  2. Now log in with
  3. Username: admin
  4. Password: demo1234
  5. Press log in button
  6. Now you will be log into our admin dashboard, and new admin page will appear


Dashboard :

Dashboard is basically overview of your system. In first section left site it will show you the recent event, and right site it will show you total employee count, total expenses and total award. Second section is the recent leave application applied by your employee. Third section is holiday description or total listed holiday in your holiday list. The top menu will appear in every page, in the left of the top menu there is a button contain three bar, by clicking it, you can expand or shrink your menu. In the right corner of the top menu you will see three button, the first button is for all email notification, second is for employee application notification, and third for logout.


After dashboard menu you will see whole bunch of menu with submenu, they all will help you to establish your HRM system.

Settings :

Admin will set their basic structure of hrm by change the setting of in this section.

General settings:

General settings will contain your company information, social links, logo, etc…, Go to General setting. Fill up the form with required information. , after fill up all information press save button.


Working days:
  1. Admin can set the working days for employees.
  2. Check box by tick mark you want to set for working days.
  3. Then press the save button

Holiday list: -
  1. you and add, delete, edit holiday from holiday list under settings options.
  2. Click on add holiday for add new holiday. In add holiday page, give a name, description and start to end holiday date, and press save.
  3. To show the current holiday click on the month name in holiday list page under settings options.
  4. If you want to see another year holiday list, then simply, change the year up above the month list, and then click on the search icon, then click on the month, in this way you can see any year’s holiday.
  5. To edit a holiday go to particular holiday by setting the year and click on the month, now you can see the holiday with edit button, click on the edit button for edit the holiday. It will open all field within an editable box, now you can edit your information and click save button for save edited information.
  6. If you want to delete a holiday, press delete button in the holiday item, it will popup you a confirmation box, click delete for delete the holiday.


Leave category:

By setting leave category you can give permission to your employee to leave in specific category. You can add, edit, and delete the leave category. Under setting option, go to leave category section. If you need to include any new category in list, enter the category name & click the save button. The added category will be included under Category name section. If editing is needed, there is edit button adjacent to category name. Press this edit button and make necessary change in leave category space. Then click the save button. If admin needs to delete any category, simply click Delete button, and confirm the popup.

Notification Setting:

Admin can control the notification settings.For particular notification click in the box in right side.Then press the update button.If you want to stop any notification to show up, Simply check out the box by clicking and press update.

Personal Event Setting:

Admin can add your own personal event in the hrm system, and can edit or delete if he/she wish. Go to Personal Event under setting option.If you want to add new event, Click Add Personal Event on the page.Fill up the form information, basically enter the event name, a start date and an end date. Then press the save option. Your event will be listed. And it can be viewed in the personal event page. For editing any event, click edit option.In the event list form, make the necessary change you want to bring. Then press the save button below.If any deleting is needed, Press the delete key in the event list. And press ok on the pop up.

Changing password for admin:

If needed, admin has the liberty to change password for accessing in admin panel.Select CHANGE PASSWORD option under setting menu.Enter the old password into the blank next enter NEW PASSWORD you want to use in blank space.Then confirm your new password by retyping it.Finally press CHANGE PASSWORD .

Admin LOG IN email change:

If admin wants , the LOG IN email can be changed.First click into CHANGE EMAIL section under SETTING.enter your new email .then press CHANGE EMAIL

Department Management

The department management feature enables the admin to include or change settings under any department that is listed. Even admin can add new departments into the list.

Add Department:

Admin can manage the department settings.If you want to add any department, go to add department option .Fill up the blank space in the form with required information (Department, Designation).If needed you can add more in the designation section by pressing add more button.Then hit the save button.

Department List:

For viewing the added department simply select department list option below add department option.If you want to Edit any department then go to the department list Select the edit button for editing the particular department.Make the necessary change you need to make in the space provided in the add department page.Then hit the save button.If Admin needs to delete any department, then go to the department list Select the delete button Click OK in the pop up.


Mailbox checking option is added in admin panel to check any mails, if admin needs. This option is featured with providing the viewing capability to admin the mails are already in inbox and the mails been sent to employees as well. If needed admin can compose any new mail to employees in any department.

Admin can check employee mail and send mails to them as well. Go to mailbox. If you want to check inbox. Then click inbox below mailbox option. You can see the number of mails the inbox received. If you want to send mail then press the compose button.

An email format will be appeared select the employee mail address from the auto generated email addresses. Then fill up the other information in mail format. Type in your mail in mailbox. There is attachment option included for attaching any file in emails. Choose the file you want to attach (maximum 15mb size) Press the send button. Admin can also check the sent items by clicking the sent option under Mailbox. You can also check inbox messages by hitting the Envelope sign at the top of right side in admin page. click the sign. Select All Messages option. Inbox page will be viewed.

Employee management

Employee management is one of the decisive feature that is been added in HRM software system. Through this feature tool you can manage your employees . You can add new employees to your team if required, regularly view the updated list and even you can nominate or choose any employee if his/her performance pleases you or make your company profitable.

Adding Employee:

For using this feature category admin will access the necessary information, personal details from the employees with their full consent.

If you want to add any employee in the team, then go to Add Employee section below Employee. Fill up the form with information in Personal Details, Contact details, Bank Information, Official status and Upload the files in Employee Documents. Then press the SAVE button

Employee List:

It will enable you to check the full list and personal details of employees if any reason appears. From this list the admin is enabled to remove any employee or edit their profile. You can also download or take print out of employee details from the list.

Admin can view the employee list, their status, can view individual profile of any employee listed and edit or delete as well. First click on Employee list from menu bar. If you want to view details profile, click the icon in VIEW column. Entire profile will be shown. You can also download or print the full profile Just click Print on the right top side. press print option after the new window shows up. If admin needs to edit any employee profile hit EDIT button in ACTION column. Profile form will be appeared and the changes you want to bring , fill up with those information. If admin wants to remove any employee from list Press delete button in Action column.

Click delete on the pop up. You can download all the employee list and information in pdf format. Just click the PDF icon on the top of right side. You can directly print all information by just pressing Print icon on the top of right side.

Employee Award nomination:

Admin has the right to choose best employee and can give away awards basis on his/her performance. Through this option admin can notify the award to employee and details about performance.

Go to Employee Award option under employee section. Fill in the form with necessary information. Then press the save button. The award list will be viewed below .

If admin needs to edit, press edit button in Action column. You can make changes in the form that will appear. If admin needs to delete , just hit the delete button in action column.

Click Delete in the pop up.


Attendance management is one of the decisive factors of HRM software. By this option admin can be fully aware of employee office attendance. By this feature you can set attendance, set the leave with leave category option. . And can also view the particular employee attendance list.

Admin can manage and check the attendance. Select Attendance from the menu to see the option associated with it.

Managing Attendance:

Go to the Manage Attendance section under Attendance menu. Select the day from auto generated calendar in select Day section. Then select the department from the auto generated department. Hit the GO button. Attendance details will be shown below. Click in the attendance box. All the employees under that department will be given attendance automatically. If you want to give individual attendance then click in the box under attendance column.

Leave Category:

If you want to set the leave category click in the box in leave category column. Then the leave category will be chosen automatically for all the employees under that department. You can individually check in the box for category leave for particular employee in that department. Admin can also select the leave category for particular employee. If needed admin can change check in and check out time for employee. Then press the update button . Attendance will be set.

Attendance report:

Admin can view the attendance report of particular department’s employee. Go to attendance report under attendance section. Feel up the form by selecting from auto generated department name and Month & Year Then press SHOW REPORT button.

attendance list will be shown below. Admin can download the list in pdf & excel format. Simply click the pdf or excel icon provided on the right side of Attendance list bar. If admin wants to print the list, he can do so by following the same process mentioned above.

Application list checking

This checking characteristics of application list added in HRM software , enables the admin to check the application list of employees. And admin can view, check, reject, approve these application. It is a easy & smart way to manage the application sent to admin.

Admin can view/check/reject/approve the application list from the employees. Go to the Application list from the menu. You can see the application list For viewing or to take action for a particular employee. click VIEW under CHANGE/ACTION column of the list.

Payroll Management

Admin can manage employee payroll. This payroll management option complies with salary managing, checking salary list, making payment to employees, and also generating payslip.

Click payroll management from menu payroll management options will be shown below the payroll management section.

Managing salary details

Go to managing salary details under payroll management. Select designation and employee from auto generated option in dialog box. Then hit the go button.

Employee salary details page will appear Fill up the form with necessary option. After providing necessary information hit the SAVE button.

Employee salary list

If you want to view salary list , Select employee salary list option . List will be viewed. Admin can also see the details by selecting the detail key under DETAILS column.

In the details page you can also Edit , download or print Just click edit or download or print option in the employee salary details bar on the right side.

Make payment

Making payment to employees has been made easy through HRM software. By using this option you can make details payment and save them as well. If any deduction needed there is separate option added to calculate it. The payment history is printable as well as downloadable.

Choose make payment option under payroll management from menu bar. Select designation, particular employee and month from auto generated options . Then hit the GO button.

Fill up the form with necessary information. If you need to deduct salary ,then fill up the Fine Deduction form. Fill up the payment form providing required information if needed. Finally hit the SAVE button for saving the payment .

Below the same page payment history of that employee will appear. If needed this payment history can be downloaded or printed.

Generating Payslip

Admin has the option to generate the Payslip for the employees.

go to Generate Payslip option. Select the designation and month from automated generation options. Hit the go button. employee information(name, ID), payment status, admin action will be viewed. If you want to make payment , hit the make payment under action column. Fill up the form with designation, Employee name and month from auto generated options. Pres the GO button.

Expense management

HRM software enables you to manage expense. This enables you to add expense with details and inspect the expense report click EXPENSE MANAGEMENT from menu to see options below.

Adding Expense

Select Add Expense under Expense management section. Fill up the form in Add Expense page Upload the bill copy. Then press save to add expense.

Expense Report

If needed admin has the choice to view /download/print the expense report

First go to Expense Report into Expense management section. Choose the particular month from the left side of the page. Select it Expense report will be viewed in details. For downloading report click the PDF icon on the right side of Month row. You can also print the report if required. Hit the print icon on the right side of month row.

Notice board

In notice board feature admin has the liberty to add/manage (view/publish/edit/delete) the notice about upcoming events and particular notification to employee.

Go to Notice Board from the menu. Options below this section will be viewed.

Adding Notice

For adding any notice go to add notice from notice board menu. Select Publication status. Click the dialog box ,for choosing published or Unpublished option. Then fill up the form Press the save button. Notice will be added in notice board.

Managing Notice

This option is included for managing (viewing/editing/deleting) notice from the admin panel.

Select Manage Notice option from Notice Board menu. List of all notices will be shown. For details view of any particular notice click VIEW icon under Action column.

The notice will be shown in details. If you need to Edit any notice hit the edit button in Action column.

The notice will be viewed. Then make any change you want to make. Hit the save option. If admin needs to remove any notice from the list

Simply press the delete button. Click DELETE on the pop up.

Backup the dashboard

Admin has the opportunity to keep the backup of whole database.

Simply click the Database Backup option from menu. The database will be downloaded as a zip file. Extract the zip file to view the database file.

Log out from admin panel

If admin needs to log out from admin panel

Click the log out sign on the top right corner in admin page.

Setting the forget password

In case, admin forgets the log In password, it can be set again.

click in FORGET PASSWORD first

then enter your admin email in the next pop up

then a link will be sent into your email address click into that email.

enter your email in the new pop up and enter password. then click VERIFY ME button.

Employee Panel

Log in

For employee log in, first type the URL in browser

Username- provide the employee username or email id Password - enter the password press Log in button. . Employee home page will be loaded in the browser.

Employee Check in/ Check out

Employee has the option to register the check in and check out time in office. This system will keep track the whole duration of working hour.

Check IN

Click the digital clock above the Check IN button Set your check in time from auto generated clock.

your check in time will be registered.

Check Out

Employee has the option to register the leaving time by check out option. click the digital clock over CHECK OUT.

Set the check out time in 24 hours format from auto generated time option with minutes.

then press the CHECK OUT button.

Viewing Employee Profile

Full employee profile can be viewed in details from employee panel. It includes personal details, contact details, employee documents, and bank information.

Personal details is viewed in home page under personal details section. Employee can also view user profile in details. click View Profile in personal details section.

Profile details will be viewed

Mailbox checking

The employee mailbox checking is included due to check inbox and sent items directly from employee panel.

First select MAILBOX from menu bar on top. Then options under it will be shown below.

Inbox checking

first click on INBOX below Mailbox inbox page will be loaded if there is new mail it will be displayed. press compose button to send new mail.

Sent Items Checking

press the SENT button below Mailbox

your previous sent items will be shown. if you want to send new mail then press compose.

Leave Application

From employee panel any employee has the liberty to submit application for leave . And if the leave is approved or rejected from admin, employee can also see the status of approval or rejection. The previous leave application list If any leave is needed to take

Select LEAVE APPLICATION option from top menu bar . A separate page will open in browser.

click on +Apply new leave application A new page will be loaded

Select Leave Category Select start date and End Date Fill up the Reason option. Then press submit option. Your application will be listed for approval from admin panel. You will view the status (pending/Approved/rejected by admin) in the listing.

Employee can see the number of leave in the home page.

Notice board

Notice Board enables the employees to view the notices published from admin panel. The list of these notices give opportunity to be notified and to view them in details.

If you want to view the notice board, then click to NOTICE option in the home page from menu bar on the top.

List of notice will be shown. You can also see the notice in details of any particular day from the list. Click VIEW button in Action column.

Notice will be viewed in details. the notice board is viewed in home page also.

Scroll up & down to see the list. or Click VIEW ALL to see the list. If Employee wants to view any notice in details from this section. then Click VIEW DETAILS to see notice in details

Viewing the events

The UPCOMING EVENT feature is another criteria which is included in employee panel. Through this the employees will be notified the events that is coming in near future. This events might be holidays or other important events.

Click EVENTS in top menu bar in Home Page

The events list will be appeared in the browser page. If needed ,the event details will be viewed also press the VIEW button under ACTION column .

then event details will appear. You can also see the list in home page also.

Go to Upcoming Events section. Scroll Up or down to navigate the list Or click View all press view details to see event in details. The whole event list will be shown.

Award check

From the employee panel, any employee has the liberty to check the award notification if s/he is chosen from the admin panel for award or the list of other awards given to other employees can also be checked.

Go to Awards section from home menu bar on top. Entire award list will be seen. You can also see the award details in Action column.

Press the view button and award details will appear.

the number of awards you received will be viewed in home page, beside leave section.

Profile password change/logout

Password change

If user want to change password Then press Profile from menu bar. Then click on Change Password A new page will be loaded.

Enter your old password Enter new password and confirm hit the Update button.

Changing profile picture

press PROFILE from menu bar on top..

changing profile picture option will be showed below. hit CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE option a separate page will be opened in browser

then click on CHOOSE FILE. select the picture you want to upload. and after this press on CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE option. your picture will be uploaded


Go to profile in menu bar. Press profile option. Then click on logout


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Version 1.0.0 – 29 April 2017
- Initial release.


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